Monday, January 21, 2008

Times...They Are A-Changin

I have been feeling so happy about all the changes that have been going on lately with our country- and I look foward to the future with high expectations and excitement. It seems that Obama has blown in a breath of fresh air to the American people and has renewed the faith of many in our political system. I have never seen or felt this much support and excitment for the President in my lifetime. I find it very energizing. And even if you don't see eye to eye with all of Obama's ideas, you have to agree that change is needed and a fresh view on things could go a long way.

So here is to a better next four years!

This is an excellent video of Bob Dylan singing "Times They Are A Changin'". I have had this song stuck in my head since I watched the inaguration yesterday. I love Bob Dylan, I love this song, and I love Obama. So its just all around love right now. Enjoy.