Friday, May 22, 2009


I finally went and saw Star Trek last night. All I have to say is GO. Go see it immediately. It was amazing.

And Captain Kirk? Yummy.

When asked do you prefer Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? I can now honestly answer. Captain Kirk.

For more Star Trek commentary go read A's post about it. And then come and tell me if you wore banana clips too. Or better yet...if you know where to find one.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is what I love about Oregon.

You find this on your drive home after a long day hiking.

This is Mar and Lar:

and I am willing to bet a large sum of money that they could kick you butt. Seriously- these two are high powered, well oiled pieces of machinery. While they may not be the youngest people I know in age, I am hard pressed to find anyone more youthful, adventerous and fun loving than these two {plus- their shortened names rhyme. Which that in itself makes them cool}. Just for fun they decided to hike 14 miles the other day... in the rain. I guarantee you that they will not turn down any task big or small that you put in front of them. They even dominated their first attempt at the WII. I am also willing to bet that when we come home for Christmas they will have gotten themselves one and Tyler will no longer be the one dominant WII player in the family.
I seriously hope that I can be in 1/4 of the shape, with 1/8 of the love of life that these two have when I am their age. If I can do that, I think I will be happy.
Thanks for the wonderful week Mar and Lar!
We love you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday

Aren't you dying for him to be your dentist? He is a very serious dentist. No jokes. No fun.
But man does he look good in loops.
In other news:
Siser comes in two weeks. We plan to do a lot of nothing together and I can't wait.
Also- it is supposed to be raining but it is sunny. That deserves a flower photo.

When Mar and Lar come to town

you know you aren't going to be sitting around. No siree. True to form our weekend was action packed full of fun. Saturday morning we set out bright and early to take on a 10 mile hike at St. Helens. However when we arrived we found the mountain closed due to snow. The National Parks website is not very good at updating their closures. And who wants to trek through snow on such a sunny beautiful day? Obviously we were not about to let that ruin our day. We found ourselves in a darling little town called Woodland. After stopping in the equally darling little tourist center we found ourselves on our way to the "famous" lilac festival. And I am oh so glad we stopped in. It was quite possibly the most adorable place I have ever been. The gardens were beautiful and fragrant- the little old ladies in fancy hats and dresses were to die for and the sun was warm and shining. I loved every second of that place. It almost made we want a life in the country. Almost.

My cute mother in law, Marilee, and me enjoying the beautiful day.

Lilacs have the most amazing scent. And this little place smelled like heaven.

After we left the lilac festival we decided to take a scenic drive up to Mt. St. Helens. It was a fabulous day for a drive. Every inch of the drive was beautiful. We stopped at all of the scenic outlooks to walk around and take pictures. It was breathtaking to be so close to the mountain.

But mostly I just enjoyed the sun and took advantage of all the little benches along the way.

Our final stop for the day was at an amazingly beautiful lake with gorgeous views of the mountain. We layed on the pier over the lake and took naps and soaked up the sun. Then I went for a little rejuvenating dip in the ice cold lake. It was freezing- but I loved it. We finally made it home after about 230 miles and 9 hours. It was a lovely day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesdays are fun days

Because I get emails from my cute little missionary brother!
He can almost speak Spanish and that makes me very jealous. He only has one more month before he is off to Paraguay! His emails make my day every time. Guaranteed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I might have forgotten how to use my legs

I am fairly sure I did not leave the couch for more than 5 hours from Friday after work to Monday at work (except for sleeping...but that doesn't really count if you ask me). I am thinking it is a bad sign that you were so lazy you watched so many movies that you can't even remember them all. Well that was my weekend. It was amazing. Lazy and amazing. I recommend you try it. It does take a certain level of stamina to lay on a couch for nearly 72 hours. And even more to watch movies almost solidly through those hours. But I was up to the challenge and luckily I have an awesome husband who enjoys laziness as much as I do (so he can appreciate the need for a little lazy indulgence). I feel rejuvenated. I feel happy. I feel like I want to watch more chick flicks all week long...and I think I will. Here are some of my movies from the weekend...literally I can't remember what other ones I watched. : ) First up we had DaVinci Code- always a good flick. Then in no particular order we had Clueless, Chicago, Hairspray, Two Weeks Notice, First Daughter (worst/hilarious movie ever. Old school Katie Holmes...found it on TV. I highly recommend it), and I also saw 17 Again (which I loved. A lot. I am not even ashamed to admit that I have a crush on Zac Efron. Don't judge. Seriously. Good movie).

But I wasn't a total slob this weekend. I did manage to get in a trip to the range, a quick tennis match and then a run home in the pouring rain. So I feel totally justified for my couch potato behavior.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Seventeen Days!

Ali made my day today when she reminded me that we only have to endure 17 more days before our lives are all changed for the better...

Jillian and The Bachelorette are back!!

In 17 days my favorite bachelor contestant ever will become the bachelorette. The house will be full of beautiful men and immense amounts of drama. Monday night parties will resume and I can rest easier knowing how much joy will come over the months of viewing. And I have high hopes that this will be the best season ever because Jillian is seriously awesome. And the best part? Tyler is equally as enthusiastic as I am.

And how could he not be? How could you not be?

Is she looking skinner than ever? Jason is such a moron. But I sure am glad.