Tuesday, March 15, 2011

T-Minus One Month

One month from today I will be home in Salt Lake. I will be playing with my favorite baby. I will be checking out two new houses. I will be lunching with my mom and sister. I will be chatting with my Dad. I will be playing late night Nintendo with my baby brother. And I will be waiting at the airport, after two long years (long!), to welcome Trent home...!!!There are really no words to explain how anxious and excited I am to have Trent home. I miss him so much. He is one of my very best friends and I am so ready to have him back in my life and to get to know the new pieces of him.

I think this could be the longest 30 days of my life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still Reaching

So I am in love. With this song and video. I have been playing it all day. Over and over and then over again. You should watch it too. My super talented, beautiful, and wonderful friend and college roomie Cait, has a nearly as talented brother and husband in this little video.
Meet Fictionist.
Cait's brother is the lead singer and her husband is the curly haired one rocking the mustache. Hard to miss.

Isn't this the best?
They have been working like maniacs for years and years and years. They are so insanely talented. And because of that they are currently in a Rolling Stone competition. If they win, good things will happen. And I want them to win because they are some of my favorite people. Plus they are real good. So go to Rolling Stone and "like" them on facebook. Then share the love with everyone you know. You can also check out their website and listen to more great music here. OR! For even more fun and excitement go to Cait and Robbie's blog, Hue and Hum.

I mean who doesn't love discovering new fantastic music?
I am happy because tomorrow is Friday and because I watched this video.
Also, on a totally unrelated note...who is Brad going to pick??