Friday, January 29, 2010

I've had some work done

After a week of recovery from surgery I can say that I hope to never have any form of surgery again. It has been a bit of a nightmare. But with the hope that I will once again be able to put my foot into a pointy toed stiletto, and with the help of my sweet friends and incredible husband, I was taken excellent care of.

I was not a happy camper.This is my nurse. I felt very bad for him. I was completely useless.
Now my toes look like sausages and probably will for months.
But the boot is pretty hot huh?
This is my beautiful incision. Not too bad actually.
This is my massively swollen foot. It could be up to two months before my foot looks like a foot again. It has been a long week. And as a side thought I have been having this week...I cannot for the life of me understand how people can become addicted to pain killers. Those things are vile. They made me feel utterly awful. Today is the first day I can see straight, think straight and sit for more than 20 seconds without wanting to vomit.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Boom-Diata Sundiata


And This

And This

Were nothing compared to last night. I only wish I had a video of that. Even Steve managed to jump and scream. I think Tyler is rubbing off on him. It was a beautiful moment.

I love you Sundiata.

And have I mentioned that I also LOVE the Greens?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bored at work on a Thursday, but I am...

Feeling lucky to have this cute boy in my life. He is one wonderful husband.
He had to get shots in his mouth for the first time yesterday at school. {What dentists have never had a cavity or braces!?} The fun part is that he was given shots by someone who was giving the shot for the first time. Which would be a sad story except he then turned around and gave shots to that same person for the first time as well. I felt bad for him. But he said his partner did a great job.
{Thanks for not traumatizing my husband Stevenson}
I will just say I am glad it was him and not me.

To celebrate his surviving 'stab lab' we ordered a huge batch of papa johns bread sticks and ate every one of them...including that horrifying butter sauce that is oh so good as long as you don't know how many calories are in it. {And I don't so please no one ever tell me}
And in other news my brother has been on his mission for 9 months! Where does the time go? I can't wait until April when I can say he has been gone a year. While the time does fly, I can't wait to have him home again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the Wings of LOOOVEEEE

I got up this morning all ready to get back to blogging. I have been needing a break. I have not been feeling it. But now that the Bachelor is back there is basically an endless supply of fabulous things to write about. But then I got into work, sat down and read A's blog and she has pretty much covered everything I wanted to cover.

And just to add a few things, I would like to say 1- Ali is my favorite by a long ways, which obviously means she won't be picked 2- While I'm sure Jake really is a very nice guy who will be a lovely husband to someone and blah blah blah I am not sure I have ever seen anyone on the show who is so boring and personalityless and 3- I really don't like Elizabeth. I think she is a smarty pants for pulling the no kissing card because now all Jake wants to do is kiss her- but she is orange and weird and 4- Jake throws the football like a fairy (Thats from last week but I couldn't resist). Oh and 5- If we have to see Jake a) shirtless or b)wet or c) shirtless and wet any more (and I know we will) I don't know if I will be able to stand it. WE GET IT. He is buff. Awesome. And lets throw d in there- d) if we have to see/hear these women asking to feel his abs or talk about his abs anymore I will barf.
I feel better now.
Despite my very best efforts I really do love this show- thanks to people like Michelle. Does it get any better than her? I think not.

OH! And did you guys know that Jake is a PILOT? So hot right?