Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More parties for Lucy

My sweet friends at work threw me an amazing baby shower on my birthday. It was a wonderful way to celebrate. I felt loved and spoiled. Everything was amazing. I work with an incredibly talented actuary who missed her life calling to be a baker. She made me a cake that kicks my wedding cakes butt. It was so beautiful and ridiculously delicious.
I mean seriously? A three tiered baby shower cake?
With hand crafted sugar baby shoes?
I know. It is almost too much. We had a very hard time cutting into this beauty. Until we tasted it. Then it was devoured.
The food was all beautiful and so delicious.
Even the drinks were cute.
Tyler was able to take an hour off from school and come to the party. It was fun to have him there looking handsome in his new grown up work clothes.
Did I mention how spoiled I am? Well, Lucy is?
I really love my job and the amazing people I work with. I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing place to work over the past four years.
These are the lovely ladies who I spend my life with. I really spend the vast majority of my time with them, and I could not ask for better friends and coworkers. They threw a mean baby shower. And I can't say I am surprised, seeing as they are master of planning and organizing. We do this for a living after all.
I love them dearly.
And now we officially have every single thing we could possibly need or want. So anytime Miss Lucy would like to show up would be excellent.