Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lift your spirits

If you don't read NieNie you should. She is an amazing woman. Her posts always inspire me. I especially loved this one. Go read it. You will love it.
I too love to feel femine and adored and to know that God loves for me to feel that way. Nie has such a beautiful outlook on life and I try to be like her in that way. Because the truth is we all deserve happiness. And I am grateful for that!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 of my favorite things for my 100th post!

1. All shades of nail polish
2. Newly completed manicures and pedicures
3.Vintage Jewelry- especially when it is my grandmothers
4. Pearls
5. Owning a ridiculous number of earings
6. A steaming bowl of green curry
7. The very silly route Ty and I take to get him to school
8. The hours of reality TV that is on our DVR all of the time
9. The huge azalia bushes out my back window
10. Portland in the spring
11. Emailing my lovely sister every day, all day
12. Dancing in my kitchen and living room when I think Ty is not watching
13. Going for a long run, and not feeling like I am going to die when I am done
14. Laying out in the hot sun
15. Traveling anywhere and everywhere
16. Lazy days where I can read all day long
17. Staying up all night reading a book. I love when Ty rolls over at 2 AM and thinks I must be insane. Immersion in a good book is truly as good as it gets
18. When my family comes to visit me
19. Hanging out with my mom and sister
20. Oregon Coast
21. Spending time with my darling friends
22. Real chocolate hot chocolate
23. Portland Happy Hour
24. Laying on the warm sandy beach at Ty's childhood Hawaii home
25. Bumping into old (or new) friends
26. Reading blog after blog after blog after blog....
27. Steamy cups of tea
28. Watching sports with my over zealous husband
29. Tyler, my amazing husband
30. My beautiful family. Dad, Marmee, Anwea, Trent and Danny
31. Walking barefoot in the summer time. I love having black feet at the end of a sunny day
32. The Farmers Market. I love the Salt Lake Farmers Market...and then I moved to Portland and realized there are amazing markets all over all summer and fall long. Love!
33. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table. Especially fun when they arrive by surprise
34. People watching
35. Shoes. Heels. Flip-flops. Sandals. Flats. Shoes and Shoes
36. Huge blizzards when you are caught at home with family and a fire
37. Christmas Eve at my parents house
38. Laying in bed and knowing I do not have to get up if I don't want to
39. Ice cold glass of diet coke, with lemon and a straw
40. Organizing
41. Feeling the sun on my face after months of rainy/wintry weather
42. The feeling of purchasing my first flight to Europe
43. Getting packages in the mail
44. When Tyler 'pitches a fit'
45. Crisp fall days
46. People who know the difference between 'to' 'two' and 'too' or 'there' and 'their'
47. When Tyler laughs at my jokes
48. Art. I cannot wait to see some of my favorite originals in Paris this fall. I think I will cry
49. Feeling exhausted after a great dance class
50. When I can actually get Tyler to dance with me (like crazies...not real dancing...although that is good too)
51. Staying up way too late eating, laughing and talking with friends
52. Tennis- playing and watching
53. Discovering and learning to love new things
54. Going to the driving range with Tyler
55. Peeling of my nail polish
56. My wedding ring
57. Finding new delicious dessert spots
58. Ice water with lemon
59. The outdoor smell when you are camping
60. Hiking
61. Writing in my journal
62. The smell after it rains
63. Really hot Indian food with garlic nan
64. Grandma Rhoda's homemade samosas...well really her homemade anything
65. Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh
66. Google
67. Trying new recipes
68. Getting emails/letters from Trent
69. Watching old family videos and laughing until we cry
70. Old photos of when my grandparents were young
71. The amazing church that I am a member of
72. Buying a new outfit
73. Feeling feminine
74. The smell of new babies
75. Making things by hand...I don't do it often but I always feel great when I do
76. Being so wrapped up in a book or movie that want to cry when it is over
77. When Tyler and I finish each other's sentences
78. Seeing old friends after a long time and feeling like there was no space between seeing each other
79. Getting free lunch at work
80. Knowing how much my husband loves me
81. How late the sun sets in the summer
82. Fancy jewelry
83. Movies from the 'Pride and Prejudice' era
84. Cuddling on the couch
85. Getting answers right in Jeopardy before Tyler
86. Caribbean Passion Jamba Juice
87. Gift cards
88. Having a squeaky clean house
89. Redecorating my house
90. Making new friends
91. Red lipstick...even though I am still working up the courage to wear it regularly
92. The fact that I live in a tsunami free zone
93. Leaving work early on a sunny Friday
94. Utah's breathtaking mountains...especially the ones right out my back window where I grew up in Holladay.
95. Getting the chance to enjoy the adventure of living far away with my husband
96. Sibling trips
97. Pretending that I have a good voice when I sing
98. Pizza...of all kinds...I could eat it every day
99. Cold cereal...I do eat it every day
100. The way I feel when I dance

~Thanks for Reading~

Monday, April 27, 2009

Only because I am bored, and not at all because I love this sort of game...

lets play what are the worst words you can think of! This is a game where you tell me all of the words that you wish would have been left out of the dictionary. Let me show you what I mean.
1. panty or panties...see? yucky.
But wait! It gets worse.
2. Moist! EW! Who came up with that?
And my newest addition in honor of the up and coming pandemic:
3. Swine. Swine? Really? Not good. And the only thing worse than swine? Swine Flu.
See! Its fun. Tell me your words...maybe I will write a poem out of them. Or name the next pandemic of deadly flu after it.
{you can tell me your favorite words too...but that might not be as fun}

Crappy Economy+Cheap Airfare= Happy Me

Okay I am not happy that the economy is crappy. But for this very brief moment I am happy that it has made the cost of travel go way down. Because of this, and my very amazing husband, after years and years and years and years of hoping this would happen- I am finally and offically going to Europe!
After getting over the initial shock that it is actually happening, and finally giving myself permission to do this very selfish and very amazing trip- I am now so excited I am not sure how I am going to survive the next few months.

We are flying into Paris and out of Rome, stopping along the way in Switzerland, Germany, Prague, Budapest, and Cinque Terre.
In a few short months I will be in these lovely locations with Siser, best friend Rickie and sister in law Marli:

If anyone has any information about these places please pass it along!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love My Planet

But you know what I love more than my planet? Free I love my planet bags from Whole Foods on Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day!


Today I got a lovely surprise at work:

Apparently it is "Executive Assistant Day." Who knew? Certainly not me. But someone on my team at work knew. I am extremely lucky to have such a fabulous job. I am lucky to even have a job, but I feel very fortunate to work with wonderful people and enjoy what I do. My awesome team surprised me today with these beautiful flowers and a card. It is always so nice to feel appreciated. It helps me remember to do the same for the people in my life.
Plus- what girl doesn't love to get flowers?

N is for Navy

I have a lot of pregnant friends. And up until now I have not really thought much of it. But after going to San Diego and traveling with two very lovely, very pregnant ladies- I learned that being pregnant has its perks. Such as: Preboarding on airplanes. That was maybe my favorite part of the trip. Not having to fight the people in the Zoo that is the Southwest boarding process. We just walked right on. Picked out favorite seats and then felt sorry for all of the people fighting with all of their might to get the last window seat. Thanks pregnant friends.

My favorite part about this preboard pass we got? It says we were preboarding on "the basis of disability." No arguments there.

So for those who don't know. We are contemplating joining the Navy. Tyler has just always really wanted to serve his country. ha. Um. Right. Or...we really love the rocking deal that the Navy offers. So they carted all of us crazy people who think joining the military sounds like fun down to San Diego for a few days. Attendees included the Jacksons, Bendixsens and us among many other medical applicants. We met some amazing people. It was a fast paced information overload type of trip...but we managed to enjoy ourselves none-the-less.

Here we are enjoying the San Diego sunshine.

We actually really loved getting to tour some of the Navy ships. It was pretty amazing. Below are a few highly illegal snap shots of some of the ships. Seriously, they would "confiscate" my camera if they saw me take these shots. But thats how I roll. So please don't pass these along to any of your Al Qaeda friends okay?

If we ever got the feeling that Tyler was going to get deployed, we think we would try to have him volunteer to go on this ship, The Mercy. It only goes on humanitarian missions. It is super awesome. It is one gigantic floating hospital that goes to countries in need and offers medical assistance.

This is us on the Mercy. We were super duper VIP because they Navy rarely let civilians on their ships. Sorry everyone, I know how desperately you all want to tour one. : )

This is an example of the type of ship I would not want Tyler on.

While the prospect of joining the Navy is a bit daunting, we are actually pretty excited about all of the opportunities that it offers. We don't have to make any big decisions until August, so we are just going to see how we feel in a month. It is a lot to think about...but I can say I don't think I would complain about spending a few years in San Diego. If any of you know anyone who paid for school through the Navy let me know! I would still love to hear more from people who already went through the process. And just a little something to look forward to...if we do end up joining you can all start calling Tyler Lieutenant Scott. That might be worth it right there...especially if you throw in a salute!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adios Amigos

Well it is off to sunny San Diego for me.
{photo by A}
I hope you all have a lovely week.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am feeling very bored at work, and am looking forward very much to an evening pedicure.
And I am hoping that I get to wear my new sandals and bask in some sunlight this week in San Diego. It is raining in Portland. Again.
{Photos taken outside of my appt}

Friday, April 10, 2009

Like A Circus

There really are not words to describe how amazing Britney's concert was last night. Worth every penny? Absolutely. Worth the 2 1/2 hour drive each way? You know it. Totally exceeded both of our expectations in every way? Indeed.
We could not have been more excited. Obviously.

Pussycat Dolls opened for B.

They were pretty hot and I have to say I love some of their songs. But they were nothing compared to Britney.

Love Me, Hate Me, Say What You Want About Me! Do you Seek Amy? We Do. We really relate to this song because people totally hated on us for going to Britney.

Britney on a floating umbrella in a Jasmine costume? Yes please.

Hit Me Baby One More Time...I think this song changed my life. It was incredible. Tyler and I almost wept. Tyler actually danced on this song! {gasp!} I know! If you know Tyler then you know what it takes to get any movement out of him at a concert. A feat only Britney could accomplish. I can die happy now.

But in all seriousness it was an unbelievable show. We had so much fun taking a little road trip. Every second of the show was totally over the top and we could not have loved it more. There were even protesters at the entrances begging us to turn our sins over to the Lord or we would burn in Hell forever. I so wish I would have snagged a photo of that one. So to sum it up: Britney is BACK and better than ever. And she rocks our world.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1/4 Century

Happy Birthday to this very gifted and talented husband of mine.

{Did you know he is a Jazz fan? Sometimes he has a little trouble being modest during the games. Sometimes the midriffs come out}

I love you endlessly!

Elder Lisonbee

It has happened! Trent is officially Elder Lisonbee. Now that I am over the intial sadness and shock of missing out on sending him off, and the fact that he was actually leaving- I am so excited for him! I cannot wait to hear from him and hear how everything is going for him. He is so amazing. What a lucky girl I am to have such a wonderful little brother {and I am doubly lucky because I have two}! I think that living away from home is making the shock of not having Trent around a little less painful for me, because I have already had to adjust to being away from family. Those who are still in Utah are still a bit weepy. But all will be well, and we all could not be happier that Trent is now serving the Lord as a missionary.

I love this badge. I was so excited to see this picture.

What a stud.

Cutest ever? This picture is going to be framed in my bedroom by the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The day has arrived

My brother leaves for the MTC today. What a lot of emotions I am feeling. Just go read Andrea's post. She summed it up pretty well. I only wish I could be home to give him a huge hug. I am so proud of this boy. I love him more than anything and I am going to miss him like crazy. What a huge change in all of our lives. But that is a beautiful part of life- challenges and changes actually are good for everyone involved. I know he is going to be amazing.

{joey, robbie, carl, my brother trent, matt, john and mikey}

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heaven will be sunny

We had a lovely little getaway to Rockaway Beach this weekend with many of our wonderful friends. It was a much needed vacation and a fabulous way to finish off spring break. The house we rented was perfect, with the most amazing view of the coast. We consumed more food than I knew I could eat in 3 days, relaxed, played on the beach and watched our church's general conference. It was a perfect weekend.
Here we are enjoying the heavenly sunny and warm day.
I love these girls.

No one had more fun than Spencer. He is the only one that can get away with eating sand. And eat sand he did. In large fistfulls.

Saturday evening consisted of pedicures and Priesthood. And us basking in the beautiful sunlight we have all been missing.

The whole gang
{minus a few -who we will get up here on the next round!}

Ty and I love the coast. The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is awesome to be so close to it. We love living in Portland, and love all of the amazing people we are now so blessed to call friends.

Thanks for the perfect weekend everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009


The Utah Jazz and I are in a fight. A big one.

Don't give me those looks! Just give me a call when you decide to stop sucking.


Get Real...Reality TV That Is

Alright friends, it has been awhile. Lets talk reality TV. This weeks discussion? Inspired by my lovely and witty friend Dasha, the topic: Dancing With the Stars. And don't even try to tell me you don't love this show as much as I do. I can admit that my over obsessiveness with The Bachelor is the only reason that I decided to watch this season. And now I wonder Why? Why have I not been watching this all along? It is brilliantly unfair, brilliantly hilarious and really just brilliant. And ABC is genius for replacing the injured Jewel for the damsel with the most tragic story, Melissa. I can just see the DWTS producers dancing with glee when they realized Jewel was not going to be able to perform. And how can I blame them? Melissa is smokin hot, talented and loaded full of drama.

I just can't get enough of the costumes and makeup and hair doing. I feel like I am on drill team all over again looking at all the bangles and rhinestones and glitter and fake eyelashes. And listening to the judges make their nonsensical comments. It really takes me back. I mean who wouldn't want to subject themselves to this show? Both as a television viewer or a competitor. The fun is just too much to handle.

Now really there are two sections to this show. The section where you watch people like Holly Maddison (who I totally love, but that is another reality TV post for another day), Steve-O and the founder guy of Apple- for sheer hilarity. But I have to say, I love the Apple guy. I think he is awesome for doing this and being so hilarious. He thinks this show is a total joke, and for that I hope he wins. And I feel incredibly bad for Steve-O. I think he looks like crying every week when the judges tell him he sucks. I actually think he is trying really hard and wants to be good. Poor guy. And just for the record I also love Jewels adorable husband who is doing so well and dancing with adorable Chelsie from another of my favorite reality TV shows! Oh there is just so much reality TV intertwined with reality TV that I can hardly contain myself!

Now the obvious top three candidates are Gilles (and for those who don't know him just watch the Sex In The City movie...can't miss him), Melissa and Shawn. Who do you think should win? I am so torn. I think I want Gilles to win, but then the Bachelor fan in me starts to feel guilty because it would be seriously funny to see Melissa win and turn it into some heroine story. And who doesn't love Shawn Johnson? It is unpatriotic not to love her. Okay now that I think about it I want her to win. Yes. Shawn. I am feeling better now that I have decided.

So to sum it up- all I can say is that I am so happy I have found the ridiculousness that is Dancing With the Stars. If you need a nice introduction to it, come on over Monday night. Ty and I will show can't help but love it.

Thank you for the weekend

I am so happy it is Friday. And it is far. And I am headed to the beach in a few hours with a forecast of sun and warmth. Hallelujah.

{photo by Andrea}