Monday, May 12, 2008

Seeing Triple

Wooooooooooo...How 'bout them Jazz!!!!!

That game last night was so intense I think it took 4 months off the end of my life, and now I am so nervous about game 5 on Wednesday that I am already feeling ill. Anyway the purpose of this post is not to rant about the series (even though that's all I can think about), rather the goal is describe an observation I had during the game and pose a question to all you Kyle Korver lovin' ladies out there.

Much has been said about the remarkable likeness of Kyle to popular funnyman Ashton Kutcher. There is an undeniable similarity between the two but there was another famous swooshy banged young pretty boy in attendance at last night's game that may be more deserving of K Korv comparisons.

As many of you likely know, High School Musical 3 is currently being filmed at East High. In an apparent effort to appear hip the Jazz invited the stars of said movie to attend last night's game. During the broadcast ABC showed the "actors" sitting in their courtside seats and it came to me; Zac Efron is the true Kyle Korver twin.

So the question(s) is America:
Who looks more like our beloved sharp shooter; Zac Attack or Mr. Demi Moore?
And if you could only have one of the three who would it be; The soft sultry sounds of Zac , the humor and wit of Ashton, or the smooth jump shooting of Kyle?