Monday, June 14, 2010

13.1 miles and never better

I have now officially run my first race. I am happy to report that it was even more amazing and fun than I could have hoped for. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the route was awesome. Helvetia is lovely. I was not totally sure how it was all going to go, but every one of my expectations was exceeded. I felt great for the whole run. The last mile was tough, but I will attribute that to chugging a cup of water down the wrong tube and nearly coughing to death. It was a rush to feel so great and to be doing something I had never done before. I can't wait for October when I am going to do my next run with a whole group of friends. Races are addicting. It was just one giant endorphin high and I seriously have never felt better than running down that sunny road with the most gorgeous views. I wish I could do it again this weekend. I finished in 2 hours and 14 minutes. I know that is slow, but it was a vast improvement from what I was expecting. I had been training at a slow pace and expecting to finish in about 2 hours 45 minutes. I am really going to work on increasing my speed for the next round. Goal? Under 2 hours. We will see how I do. Thanks to Brit for being the best running partner ever. We are superstars. Shortly after finishing the race. Feeling good with our medals and flowers.

Now, I just have to ponder if a full marathon sounds fun or awful. I am not totally sure yet. I had such a great time with the half that it would be a shame to go and ruin it with a full. For now, I am happy with what I did and looking forward to more sunny runs!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twi Happiness (this post is for Mal, because I know how jealous she is going to be when she reads this)

Okay friends. Get this. I am going on the trip of a life time. My wildest dreams are about to come true. This September I am going to FORKS WASHINGTON! Now this would be cause for much jumping, yelling and rejoicing, but it gets better. Much better. Not only am I going to Forks, but I am going to Forks on Bella's Birthday!!! Breath. Just Breath. Then if that is not enough we are finishing up our trip in Port Angeles!!! I think I can die happy now.

This is as close to Port Angeles as I have ever been. But not for long! So the real reason we are going to Forks/Port Angeles is for an awesome trip to Olympic National Park. It is going to be amazing and I cannot wait. It is just a super bonus that we are going to Twilight land on Bella's birthday. The lady who was helping us get a hotel room told us that everyone dresses up like vampires and werewolves and it is pretty crazy. So when I said I can die happy I wasn't totally kidding. It is going to be one amazing people watching/photo opportunity. Now I just need to go out and by me and my mother in law some awesome twilight shirts so we can fit in.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

M.I.S.S.I.O.N.S are Long

There have been very few times in my life where I have ached from missing someone so much. It has happened occasionally throughout the years when I think of my grandmother. It has happened occasionally when I think of home or family and it happens every now and then when I see pictures of my brother on his mission. It may sound silly, but I miss him like crazy. I am incredibly proud of him, but I still am counting down the days until he comes home. At least I know he is having an amazing, life changing experience and loving every second of it. Neither of us would change a thing. But...yes, I still miss him like crazy. I am thinking about putting a call into the church offices to discuss the length of missions and the possibility of adding a weekly phone call. That would really be great for me.

He is one studly (and starting to be a bit chubby) missionary. I know he has officially got the missionary mindset because he keeps talking about coming home and getting married and going to BYU and things like that. I'm sure it will pass. I mean, who wants to go to BYU right? {shudder}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Opal Creek and Bustin Out of Portland

We decided it was high time to get out of the city and breath some fresh mountain air. We loaded up the car as if we were going to be gone for the whole weekend and headed out for the Opal Creek hike. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic with all the gray and rain, so a mini road trip was exactly what we both needed. We had an awesome 2 hour drive to somewhere...I have no idea where we were...but it was beautiful! I love nothing more than driving with Ty, listening to our favorite beats (including but not limited to Will Smith and Lady Gaga), and heading somewhere we have never been before. The gray clouds eventually blew over and we got some sunshine on our hike. There is something therapeutic for me about hiking. I love the smell and the crispness in the air. If I had not already run 9.5 miles that morning, I think I would have been in heaven. But other than hobbling along a little slower than usual, the hike was awesome.

The hike followed an old mining trail. There were pieces of the USS Oregon that had been hauled up there and used in the mill. The remains were scattered along the trail. It took all of Tyler's grown up will power to not climb in and explore the open mine tunnels.
Here is part of the beautiful Opal Creek. At different points along the path the river opens up into these big swimming holes. The water is so amazingly clear.
We are very excited for the warmer months, which I am beginning to think might not ever arrive, so we can go back to this beautiful place and swim.

I am so grateful to be married to Ty. I love that he is an adventurer at heart and that we can have so much fun doing new things together. I am one lucky girl.