Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland

We finally got some winter in Portland. It was not exactly the epic winter storm that was predicted, like the one that ended up in Washington, but any time we get flakes of any level in Portland I am impressed. Raechel is in town from Hawaii and it has been awesome to experience snow with her. She got to see snow falling for the first time in her life. So in an attempt to give her the full winter experience we did what we do best - skipped work and school - and headed to Mt. Hood for a little winter adventure.
Besides the fact that it felt like absolute heaven to be outside and working hard, it was a beyond gorgeous day. It felt so good to breathe some cold fresh air into my lazy lungs and get my heart pumping. Plus I got to sample all my sweet new snow gear I got in the spring. And sadly, that is reason enough for me.
This was the most snow Raechel had ever seen. She handled her snow shoes like a pro. I however handled my snow shoes like a 7 month pregnant lady. Slow and steady. And by slow and steady and I mean SLOW. But I loved every second of it.
We hiked to Trillium Lake, which looks a bit different all frozen and snowed over than it does in September when we were there last. It is always a little unsettling for me to walk over the top of a frozen lake. But it was beautiful and we had an amazing time.
Taking a break at the lake.
Me looking incredibly hot at 7 months in all my snow gear. Gotta love that super attractive belly band. This is one of those pictures I know I am going to regret later. Actually, I think I already do.
We had an awesome day. I really miss the snow, believe it or not. I always love getting up into the mountains and enjoying it for a day and then returning to my snow free city. Just one more reason I love Portland. I cannot wait for next weekend when we take on St. Helens.