Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some thoughts...

Today is moving slower than cold tar.
Tomorrow will probably be worse.
But I am happy its sunny and the weekend is so very near. I am hoping to be outside and hike. But at least be outside.

When we were in Seattle a few weekends ago we fed Seagulls french fries from our hands. It really freaked me out- but I did it anyways- because who wants to miss out on an experience like that?

We also saw this original Star Wars poster and I love it.

One week from today I am going to be here:

I can hardly wait.

Is it too early to wish you all a happy weekend? I am going to say no....Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A little rafting adventure...

After this weekends adventure of rafting the White Salmon, I have decided I want to quit my job, have Tyler drop out of school and become major outdoor granola type people like our guides. There is this very strange part of me that would totally love to be one of those ski/outdoor bum kind of people. I'm sure after 2 weeks in a tent with minimal showers I would change my mind...but thats how I felt after our amazing raft trip! I just love being outside and doing challenging things. Tyler and I have been trying to do something fun every weekend while he is out of school, and this was definitely a highlight. Tyler and I were lucky enough to go with 4 girls who were very nervous so they wanted us to be in the front...which was nice because we were ready to fight to be in the front. I had never been rafting before and it was incredible. I am now addicted. The rapids were pretty intense, the scenery was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and there was a spot along the river that we got to cliff jump from. We had such an amazing time. The highlight was at the end of the trip when we got to go down a 10 foot waterfall. Luckily our guide was superb and we didn't end up flipping...just being completely submerged. Very awesome. I highly recommend you all go...and take me with you when you do!

{Oh...and did I mention our highly muscular and attractive British guide? Just a small perk for the lady folk like me.}

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where the Vampires Live

I shouldn't have been surprised to see this...I was in Seattle you know...which is RIGHT by where vampires live.
Tyler and I were tempted to take the multiple hour detour to visit this lovely town. We almost went...well...maybe not almost. But we did drive by it with reverence.

More from Seattle

We had a very lovely annivesary party weekend in Seattle. Here are some highlights including the space needle, a Mariners/Yankees game, several museaums and a harbor cruise {in which I suffered very minimal sea-sickness! Yay!}.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pikes Place

We could not have had a more beautiful day to visit Pikes. I wish I could buy the fresh produce and fish and flowers here every weekend. It is all so beautiful. And I tasted the best peach of my life. Swoon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So we had an anniversary...

and I got a gift!
Maybe the first surprise Tyler has ever pulled off in our whole history without me knowing what he was up to. We, ladies and gentlemen, will be attending the SYTYCD concert here in Portland in November! Yay! I get to see Jeanine and my other lovely dancers in person. And did I mention that we have sweet seats? Well we do. I have such a good husband. And while he might pretend that he got the tickets solely for me-he is equally excited. Don't let his nonchalance fool you.

This little thing speaks to me...

found here

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Luckiest

Today I have been married to this guy for 3 years.
I feel oh so lucky.
It has been a very lovely three years full of adventure and change and growing together.
He is so good to me and makes me happy every day.
I can't wait for all of the beautiful years to come.
I love you endlessly Ty!


regina nina jeanine lisonbee.
when she's all grown up she's going to weigh 3 pounds.
for now she just weighs 1.
i am DYING to see this little thing in person.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A new invention for hunger prevention

Last night while Tyler was writhing on the couch in hunger {don't be alarmed this is a normal activity in our house about 1-2 hours after every meal or snack} he had a moment of inspiration. He was explaining to me that he is always hungry and did I even know what that felt like? I had to be honest and tell him no. Because I usually feel full after I eat, and three meals a day seems to do it for me {this made him very jealous}. So he was explaining to me that he just needs carbs all the time. Things like bread and rice and tortillas administered through an IV would probably be the most effective...but not very practical {that was my brilliant idea}. So he then announces to me that he needs a "toast conveyor belt."
"A What?"
"A toast conveyor belt. Something that will make all kinds of toast- butter, raspberry jam, Cinnamon and sugar, garlic, peanut butter...{you get the idea} and will spit them out about every 15 minutes...and the conveyor belt will go from the kitchen over to me on the couch...that would be the best."
.....Umm?...{me laughing}.....
"I'm not joking! We need one."
.....{me laughing}.....
"Whatever. You don't even know what its like!"
"...Okay...Lets make one of those."

And thats how it went down. So you can all look forward to a toast conveyor belt to hit the stores sometime next year. We are going to make millions.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 hours and counting...

We are only a few short hours away! I hope you all voted last night. You know I did.
It better be one of them.
But really it better be her.

She dominated last night.

{And have I mentioned what a hottiemchottie she is? Well she is. And she is lovely and sweet. And her fouett├ęs into pirouettes on her solo nearly stopped my heart.}


I was home with them:
and them:

hanging out watching SYTYCD and meeting our newest family member, Regina Violet (RV)...or maybe its Regina Barbara...or Regina something. Thats all we know for sure.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The time has come my friends- for America to choose its favorite dancer! (This will come off better if spoken in an accent like Cat Deeley) My absolute favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, is ending this week. This makes me sad. But I am also very excited to see who is going to win. This has been one of my favorite seasons.
I am going to go against popular vote and say that I really really really hope Jeanine wins!! I seriously love her. She is only 18. She has one rocking hot body and is an incredible performer and dancer. I know people are booing me right now because everyone says Kayla should win- and I agree that she is incredible and I would be totally fine if she does win...but lets be honest folks. She does not have the personality that Jeanine, Brandon or Evan have. And that is such a huge part of performing for me. And for that reason- Jeanine has become my favorite. Plus she is a super hottie.
My thoughts on the final four:
Kayla (18!)...She is wonderful. There is not a single dance that she cannot do beautifully. Technique wise she is probably the best on the show. I find it odd though, that this girl cannot choreograph for herself. Her solos are awful. But I guess that doesn't really matter. Being a good dancer and choreographer are not mutually exclusive. She also looks more like a porcelain doll than a human. Her skin almost glows. Which I actually think is very awesome. And does this girl even have a torso? I sort of think not. She is all legs. And I like it.
Brandon(19...What!?)...It is quite obvious that Brandon is the best guy, and probably the best dancer on the show. His body is that of a Greek god sculpture. If you did not see his solo last week...please go here and watch his audition...which is almost the same as his solo was last week. Plus he is from Utah! Woot!
Jeanine(18!)...My favorite dancer! She is ridiculously hot- She is a fabulous dancer and so much fun to watch. She puts so much personality into her dances and I just love it. And her solos are always amazing. Tyler and I both have a crush on her. He especially enjoyed the lady gaga dance last week. He claims it was entertaining...but I can't be so sure...
Evan (21)...sweet guy- fun to watch do the style he does...but I don't think he should be in the top 4. I don't totally get the appeal that everyone else seems to think he has. But whatever. I still don't think he will win- and I doubt he does either.

Oh how I love this show. I wish it was on all year!