Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tyler starts dental school at Oregon Health and Sciences University in August. We are very excited and slightly apprehensive...but knowing Tyler he will soar through it! The school is so beautiful and it is set up on a huge hill overlooking the city. So here is a little taste of OHSU...the place Tyler will be spending about 18 of his 24 hours each day. (Well hopefully not that bad!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Update

Well it has been oh so long since we last posted. And oh how things have changed! In the last month Tyler graduated, then we packed up our little apartment, drove a HUGE Uhaul 750 miles across the country, moved into our new apartment in Portland, spent over two weeks Hawaii (hard times I know) and finally returned to Portland to figure out our new life. To say the least...it has been a whirl wind. So here is the basic update.

I have to say we were not all that sad to get out of our little apartment.

This Uhaul cost us so much in gas that I weep when I think about it.

But after two days of driving we finally made it to beautiful Portland, OR. Only... upon arriving to our supposed apartment we found cigarette burns in the carpet, mold crawling up the walls and across the floor of the bathroom and it reeked of cigarettes and other things I could not put my finger on nor wanted to. So we found ourselves in a bit of a predicament. Our flight for Hawaii was four days away and we had no where to live and no idea where to start looking...oh yeah- and a 27 foot Uhaul to drive around.

But to make a long story short we managed to find a spectacular apartment that far exceeded our expectations.

This is Cresent Hill Apartments...

The move in:

It was slightly overwhelming...

Marilee was a painting machine.

After 3 days of total unpacking/decorating madness we ended up with a wonderful final product.

So it is a major upgrade from where we were before. We love our new home and Portland is absolutely gorgeous. So hopefully we can get back into the flow of life agian soon...but until then we will just enjoy doing nothing in our new home! : ) Oh and if any of you want to come visit we have a lovely extra bedroom (with a queen bed) and bathroom (way better than hotel commodities) AND we live about 6 steps from the pool and hot tub. So come on up to Portland and visit us!