Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ed, Ed, Ed!

I am losing patience with Jillian. Quickly. Are they slipping drugs into her drinks at dinner? They must be because there is no way on the planet any respectable woman would be wooed by Wes after last nights events. Well maybe...I mean look at this picture. Who wouldn't want that!?Firstly- could his band have sucked any more? And who has 9 people in a band? Shoot me now. They were terrible. And then when I had to hear that song again...oh that song... Secondly- wouldn't you find it strange that every time you have a conversation you have to hear that Wes has a CD coming out- and he has a CD coming out and he has a CD coming out!!! And she better be supportive of it or else! Plus all those crazy women when she met his "family." What on earth was that nonsense? Step moms and moms and step siblings all spouting sonnets about dear Wes.{Jill...this is a RED FLAG shouting "Get rid of Wes!"} And a good general rule I live by is any man who wears a white shirt with Grecian olive leaves embroidered all over it is not to be trusted. And thirdly- Jake is the best and if he comes to your door looking all adorable and tells you that Wes is a lying sack you believe him. {I loved that Jake handled that in a totally classy way and just made Wes look even more ridiculous. Plus...Jake in Pilot uniform? Yes please! Again...Jill...What the freak is wrong with you?!}

Whew...so anyways...
While I knew Michael was not going to last I was still sad to see him go. He was so sweet and real and I loved his family. They were definitely the best.

Reid is Tyler's favorite option at this point. I am still not sure how I feel about Reid...but I think I am starting to like him. But really he sort of seems like a non-issue right now. I tend to forget he is around.

But you know who I don't forget is around? ED ED ED!! More on that later. First- how terrifying was Kiptyns family? All of the love I was trying so hard to hold on to for him has been shred to pieces by his absolutely horrifying mother flanked by his equally horrifying sister. They had the eyes of dogs set to kill. Yikes. Jill...back slowly out of the house and into your car...carefully...don't turn your back or they might attack. That is the end of Kiptyn my friends. Mark my words. Seriously! They were scary. {shudder}
Kiptyn's mom looked a little something like this I think...
And now the best thing that has happened on this worthless season and the best decision Jill has ever made was to let Ed back on the show! Finally!

This season was almost too much for me. If Jill does not pick him...seriously I will lose my mind. I am not even joking. I love Ed. I always have. But I actually think this was a brilliant move by Ed. He went home, missed all the crap in the middle, appeased his boss- worked for a bit- got a little extension on his leave and then swept back in. This shows Jill a) he is serious about his career (and lets not forget that he has one...something that is in short supply with her choices thus far) b) he is responsible and c) that he is not afraid to follow his heart. Right? All the BS she is looking for. Jillian pick Ed. Pick Ed! Ed, Ed, Ed!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I am so excited for this movie I can hardly stand it. The music is so incredible. I get chills just from the trailer. Plus one of my favorite dancers {Kherington Payne} from SYTYCD last season is one of the main characters.

I am just sad I have to wait clear until September 25! I know that I am going to love this movie insane amounts. If you do not know this music...become familiar with it, then come see the movie opening night with me.

Very late, but all still true...

This is my dad. He is the best dad.
He works harder than anyone I know. He is supportive and understanding of anything that his kids want or dream of. I love that he has figured out how to text and does it more than anyone else in my family...which always makes my day. He really knows how to make the best of any situation. His greatest gift is how he is so great at letting his family know how much he loves them. I know no one has more faith in me than my dad.
He loves his family more than anything in the world. I love that no matter what, I can always go to my dad for anything. He is the best, and I am so blessed to have him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I wish I was dreaming.

Its offical now. I can't believe it. I sort of feel like part of me is dead now too. I was always supposed to see him live with sarser. I was listening to Billie Jean on the way to work today and thinking about how I wanted him to do another US concert so badly. Weird.

Go read As post. I feel like she does.

Here and here are the offical reports.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love Doesnt Have a Job

Jillian's group of so called potential husbands is really underwhelmingly pathetic. But the really sad thing about it is that Jillian actually picked these losers. I mean, I know she didn't have a lot to work with- but sending Jake home? Really!? REALLY JILL? I honestly can't feel bad for the woman who claims that she is ready to settle down and find a great guy to marry and have kids with and then she sends home literally the only guy who seems to actually want the same things on the basis of him being too nice. Good call Jillian. Keep Wes instead. He is a way better choice. And as much as I enjoy Michael and his great sense of humor we all know he will not last 5 more minutes on this show, which is really too bad considering he seems to be genuine and awesome. I will miss Tanner P, the foot fetish guy who is gay. He is so funny. And foot fetishy. The only thing I can look forward to now is that next week Jake comes back in his pilot uniform. That will actually be the best thing that has ever happened on this season. I know Jake was a little quirky or something I can't quite put my finger on- but you all know that he would have been the best choice. Now the only even semi acceptable person on the show is Kiptyn. And mostly that is because of his rock hard/tan abs. That might be all he has going for him. And as a general rule I don't really like surfer guys...which he is. So I am weary of Kiptyn. Reid sort of gained a few points last night before he went all hypochondriac on us. Who doesn't like fondue? What a freak. Seesh. This show makes me sad and tired. And grumpy.
I feel like unto how Jillian looks:

I would be depressed too Jill. Except that you did this to yourself really. I hope she picks Wes. Doesn't he just get better and better and better every week?! And I cannot wait to meet his "band". Maybe if she picks him he will take her to Chihuahua, Mexico where he has a number one hit. We can only hope.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Walking is hard for me

Why you might ask? Because as of last night after two hours of dancing bare foot on a very crappy dance floor I now have three of the largest blisters of my life. One on each big toe and one on the ball of my foot. My feet are sort of constantly burning...like fire. And I am trying to walk on my heels. Which has really made it easy for people to point and laugh at me. {I know feet are pretty gross...but how else would I get sympathy without proof?}

But on the upside it was the best dance class I have been to in years. I loved it. I love feeling like I am going to die after a great class. If anyone is up for an insanely fun and challenging dance class give me a call! However, I would recommend you wear some shoes- unless you like blisters all over your feet. Like me.

Come...have a little shopping party

Brit and I have started a little Etsy shop. It is full of darling baby items such as slings, nursing covers, diaper wipe cases, binky clips, burp rags...what more could one want in life? They are all hand crafted with love and affection and I think you should all come check it out. If anyone needs anything for their current or future child or an upcoming baby shower...we are here for you.
But in all seriousness we are having a great time getting our craft on. If anyone has anything they want that is not on the site just let us know and we will make it for you. It is still a new little shop with not a huge quantity of goods...but it will be growing over the next few weeks. Come drop in and say hello!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I have made your weekend plans for you

A few things you definitely must do:
1- Go here for dinner and order the saganaki (it is okay to cry from happiness).
2- Go here and have one of these scrumptious little cupcakes for dessert.

I had a very delicious Friday.

First things first...

We have a new baby to introduce! Addelyn is the first of many babies to join our little first year dental group (soon to be second years!) over the next few months. She was born on Tuesday and has a very large mop of dark hair and is completely beautiful.

This is Tyler getting his 'dad' on at the hospital.
Afterwards he was so stressed about the concept of a child that we had to hit up the local Cold Stone for a very large dose of Mud Pie Madness. There is nothing a little ice cream can't fix.

We also spent some time hanging out with Addy on Tyler and Tara's birthday on Saturday. We were totally impressed that after only a few days they were ready for the whole crew to invade their home. We are very blessed with some very amazing friends.

We can't wait for Alexa and Henry/Charlie(?) to join us hopefully within the week!

Smell The Roses

This is the Portland Rose Garden. Unfortunately I have a very terrible camera that just does not do justice to how beautiful this place is. I think Tyler almost wept several times. And that is no joke.

This is our favorite Narnia lamp post.

We braved the typical Portland weather and trekked through the rows of roses in the rain.

If you have not gone recently you must make a little trip. The roses are incredible.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sometimes I make rash decisions

Like when I went in for a trim and came out like this:

(not my best photo ever...but its all I have at this point)

That was definitely not part of the plan. But I am happy to report that I think I have finally found my new permananet hair dresser in Portland. I went to a cute studio in the Pearl and the most talented and adorable girl cut my hair. So if anyone needs a new do give me a call. I can give you her card and 25% off your cut! Yay! (I had to put the plug in. I am just so happy to finally find someone I like!)

I already knew I have the sweetest dad in the world, but after he told me that I now look like a supermodel I a) decided that I like the bangs and b) was reminded that I have the sweetest dad in the world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Swine in Provo

My brother is trapped in the MTC because of the swine flu. This is him being pensive and sad about the prospect of not leaving for Paraguay next Tuesday as planned. They are keeping all missionaries right now because of a swine flu break out. It all sounds very dramatic...but hopefully they just get it figured out and send the poor kids on their way.
This is Trent showing us where he will be going if all goes according to plan. So pray that it does because no one wants an extra week or two or more at the MTC!

I can't be your mystical unicorn

Okay- I have been putting this off because I didn't know if I had the strength to put my thoughts into words- but I cannot fight it any longer. The Bachelorette has been so awesome. There are more horrific men this season then ever before. But lets start with the positive.




These three guys seem to have a lot going for them. In the case of Jake and Kiptyn they certainly have their fair share of delicious abdominal muscles. What? I'm just saying I don't mind. After last nights episode I have to say that Ed has swooped into first place in my mind. He is great. But we will have plenty of time to sort through who is awesome and why...what really matters is all of the crazies she has on this show.

We can all breath a collective sigh of relief that goober Brad and whathisname Tanner (?) got sent home. Now we just have to get rid of country singing vomitinmymouth Wes, (who unfortunately seems to be twanging his way right into Jillian's heart) and more importantly, supposed 'man code' David. While there are many reasons David should go, I mostly worry for the safety of many people's lives while he is around. But keep your fingers crossed because it looks like he get dissed and dismissed on next weeks episode (brownies for anyone who can tell me where that classic quote comes from).

Also- does anyone know what in the world Sasha was talking about with all of his 'searching for the mystical unicorn' nonsense?

Also also- just for the record I am quite certain that I will either claw my ears out of my head, or just fall over dead if I have to hear "Loooovviiinnn you...It don't come eaaaasssyyy" ever again. I so hope it is Wes with the girlfriend at home. What do you think? Who has the girlfriend? Next week is sure to bring all new levels of drama. Who can wait? Not me.

I would also like to say that I am going to make my best effort to make this my last season of the Bachelor/ette...unless of course Kiptyn, Jake or Ed doesn't win and then becomes the next bachelor...yeah...then I would definitely watch. But I guess we will cross that bridge...

But until then here is a little musical delight for your enjoyment from none other than vomitinmymouth Wes Hayden.

And just wondering...but is it a good thing that "lovin you don't take that long?" I am not so sure. Wes your such a retard. I actually lose the will to live when I hear his voice. Please Jillian make my pain stop soon. Pleaaassseee?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Watermelon is good for many things

Saturday brought a very hot and sunshiny day in Portland. And with the heat came the guaranteed pool day and watermelon ball. What you might ask is watermelon ball? Basically it is rugby. In water. With a watermelon as the ball. After some near death experiences and battle wounds one and only one rule was created. "No holding anyone under water for a long time." And that is quote. Seems fair to me.

Tara kept stealing the watermelon...oh...wait...

After much lounging and sun burning, on my part, and beating and thrashing on the boys part- we ended the afternoon eating the dead watermelon and otter pops.

Tyler has never been so happy.

Sarsey Time

This is what it looks like when Sarser comes to visit.

There is much eating and shopping. And eating.

Yo. Check it.

This just out:

R Patz is just so deep and dark right? And Kristin Stewart! Where are the oscars!? They are seriously SUCH good actors.
I hope you all laughed as hard as I did. Because lets me honest- love it or hate it- it is so totally ridiculous that I can't help but know that I will be there opening night. Again. Laughing.