Friday, January 30, 2009

Wish List

1. OPI Nail Polish. Lots of it. In Lots of colors.
2. The courage to buy and then wear skinny jeans.
3. Some killer black heels.
4. Flats of any kind and color.
5. Eyeshadow-of many shades and hues.
6. Money with which to buy said wishes.

Good thing my birthday is just around the corner!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lets debate.

I'm afraid to admit, but I am being torn in two very different directions right now. One of my most guilty pleasures has returned to television. When last season ended and the season before that I swore to myself I was done. I would not watch it again. It had become far to ridiculous even for me. Hard to imagine. I know. Every time an episode ends I KNOW a little bit of what is good in the withers and dies. So I felt that there was no question this time. This time would be different. This time it would be possible to say no and take my life back. But the contestants have been posted and suddenly I am starting to have a cold sweat at the thought of not tuning in. I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I am strong enough.

ANTM is back.

Again. And again we can learn through example how to smile with our eyes for the camera that loves us.

I mean last season really could not have been worse. Granted Mckey (despite her name and inability to speak or dress like something that was not born in Xenia Warrior Princess times) was a pretty striking and surprisingly talented model. Granted she could have been missing an eye and had a gnarled face and I would have been more happy with her winning than the wretched Whitney from Cycle 10. Although I will submit that it was the highlight of my week to see Whitney's commercials. I never thought I would say it- but I think I actually enjoyed them more than Jaslene's! Which is saying something. However- the season could not have been worse. And yet...

SERIOUSLY! SHE WON?!?! SERIOUSLY? Aghskhdngk I think I choking on my shock/annoyance. Again.

The ANTM blood runs deep in my veins. Tyra's God complex is almost too good to be true. She gets crazier and crazier every cycle and I don't know if I can miss out on the fun. Not watching would be like giving up my first born to...well to Tyra.

Sigh. I just don't know what to do. I am afraid unless someone intervenes I will be plastered to my TV on the season premiere eating mass amounts of junk food and weeping a little wishing my siser was there with me like old times. But in the mean time while you try to decide to either dissuade me or join me in my troubles, visit here for more contestant details and here for my very most favorite part of watching ANTM...fourfour recaps.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drama? Yes Please.

Lets all sigh about how awesome the Bachelor was last night. The hilarity may have reached an all time high. Possibly only to be topped by the hopefully soon appearance of the dreaded Deanna. Party crasher and previous bachelorette who ditched Jason for the adorable snowboarding Jesse. It is down to 5 girls so the pressue is on and the emotions are high. Tyler and I could not have been happier to see all the crazies dismissed in one foul swoop. So lets discuss.

Don't even say you don't love Stephanie. If Jason wants a good wife and mom...she is the one. But he probably doesn't. He probably wants someone hot and young. There really is not chemistry from Jason with her. Sad. At first I was scared of Stephanie. She is a bit intense. But now she has really grown on me. She is so classy and sweet to all of the girls, and you know she would be a fabulous wife/mom.

Jillian I also love. However, she maybe too smart, pretty and independent for Jason. GASP! I know. But its true. These are reasons why I would like her but I think Jason will want someone who needs to be taken care of a little more. IE the young hot ones again. But either way Jillian is beautiful and an excellent dresser. Love this blue dress:

Now- Molly and Melissa are pretty much the same girl. They are really interchangable. These are the young/hot ones he will probably choose. They are both cute and fun and all of that. But I dont think either of them really want to get married and start a family. However- of the two I like Melissa- and I think Jason might too in the end. She is needy enough that Jason will feel awesome about himself, but she still has a cute personality. I like these girls. Really I do. It would just be such a fun change to see one of these guys pick someone that will actually marry them. Over the last 13 season of the Bachelor only one of the couples ever got married. This could possibly be because they keep picking the young/hot ones who dont really want to get married.

Naomi. Don't like her or her yucky whitish lip gloss that makes her face look lipless. She is just blah and I hope she is next to go. Thats really all I have to say about her.

I just love the Bachelor. And really...who doesn't? If you do not watch Shame. Start watching now. The real fun is about to begin. And by real fun I mean:

Oh yes. Drama. Deanna is beautiful. Definitely prettier than the girls Jason has to choose from. I really loved her on the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. But lets be honest. She has some issues. And lets be honest about something else. He might pick her. And part of me hopes he does. I would laugh a lot. Okay so he probably wont pick her but I seriously cannot wait for her to show up and cause mass mayhem. I hope he at leasts keeps her around for awhile.

Okay- so lets see your predictions. Who will win? Who should win? The only bad part about this show is that it does not last long enough. Who will the next Bachelorette be? My guess/hope? Stephanie.

And just for sheer entertainment...look at this! YIKES. She is horrifyingly sucking his face. ha. This episode seriously was classic.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Called to Serve

My little brother has decided to serve a mission for our church. He is going here:

I can't believe he is old enough to go on a mission, but I am so happy for him! And so excited for the adventures that are waiting for him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Welcome to the White House, Barak. We have been anxiously awaiting you. It was amazing to witness such a marvelous day in history yesterday. I am hopeful that this man can make some much needed changes.

Friday, January 16, 2009

reasons why I miss Utah...

1} Sundance film festival
2} Siser
3} Hanging out with siser at Sundance film festival.

As we speak siser is creep stalking Amy Poehler at the film festival. I want to be creep stalking Amy Poehler at the film festival with siser .

guess what friends?

I am going here:
and here:

and here:

and a few others...

in September!

The sun shines in Portland...

It is sunny and beautiful. And I am going outside this weekend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally. Friday. Quotes.

'i generally avoid temptation unless i can't resist it.'

'too much of a good thing is wonderful.'

'you're never to old to become younger.'

'between two evils, i always pick the one i never tired before.'

-all mae westu.s. movie actress {1892-1980}

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It really makes my heart sad that Anthroplogie insits on making my most favorite jewelry and then making it so outrageously expensive that I would feel ill to even think about buying it. Maybe someday I will get over my inability to spend $300 on a diamond shaped pearl ribbon necklace. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is why

we are not having children any time soon. Poor kid.

Hopefully you have better looking children than we will. I had no idea we had oddly shaped heads.
Try yours out at:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In 2-0-0-9...

I have decided to throw all un-fun resolutions out the window
{exercise, eating healthy, etc etc}.
I resolve to do only fun and awesome things this year. My number one is to read 50 books. My other is to start writing in my journal agian.

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~Chinese Proverb

Friday, January 2, 2009


I am happy to report that after much stress and anxiety we actually made it out of PDX and got home just in time for Christmas. We had a fabulous time with friends and family. Here are some of the highlights. Christmas morning with the fam.

My new video camera/baby. Sigh. Love it.

My best friendie came home and had a Christmas slumber party with me.

Countless- and I mean countless hours of Mario Kart on the WII.

Seeing old friends.

Cute Mom and Dad Lisonbee. Thanks for a fabulous trip!

Huh? We HAVE to see Octapella? NO!

We are pool sharks. Its in our blood.

College Rommies.

More of our favorite friends.

And I am sad to report I did a poor job of taking pictures. So I can't say how happy I was to see my best girlfriends, and spend time with my amazing family. We took no pictures of Ty's family but it was wonderful to be with them too. We hope you all had as Merry a Christmas as we did. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Drastic temperatures+hot tub= not our smartest moment.

If you were wondering how to give yourself a heart attack- read on. Tyler, Mr. Roa and myself thought it would be a fun adventure to go sit in the hot tub during a little snow storm. Now besides the freezing run to the hot tub- this seemed like a fairly simple, fun and smart idea. And that could have been the case had it not been so freezing cold that the pipes on the hot tub were frozen, which basically meant that we set the timer on the hot tub for 15 minutes- but it never went off.

We lost track of time with throwing snow balls and ice chunks into the pool and it was not until about 40 minutes later when the boys began wheezing and their eyes began to roll back in their sockets that we decided we better call it a day. So we threw on our towels and boots and ran back to our house. Due to insanely fast racing heart beat-Mr. Roa decided he better not go home and pass out while he was home alone. Tyler and Anthony were dizzy and sick for quite awhile. But after a half hour of laying on the floor wrapped in blankets and drinking ice cold water our hearts finally stopped freaking out and our bodies came back to life. Extreme hot and extreme cold mixed with a quick sprint back to the house...not a good combo. Not one of our wisest moments. We know. We are just going to chalk that one up to "learning experiences."