Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just more of the same...doing what we always do.

While clearing out our camera chip in preparation for the big Canada trip I came across some forgotten photos of some hikes (surprise surprise) that we did awhile back.

Outing A: Punchbowl Falls and Camping

In rebellion of this ridiculous rainy weather Ty and I went hiking and camping and dared Mother Nature to rain us. Luckily she cooperated fairly well and we only got misted on throughout the day (and night).

Punchbowl Falls kicks butt. It is super easy and short but very awesome. Plus the wildflowers were still out thanks to our chilly spring. And that makes me very happy.

The flowers are so beautiful. I just wish they lasted longer!We will have to come back in the hotter months when we can take a little dip in the icy water.Now on to Hike B:
It is hard for me to use appropriate family friendly language when writing and thinking about this hike. Seriously. It is actually hard because there are not words that can describe just how freaking hard this hike was. And how angry we were at this dumb mountain. Perhaps we have become weak since moving to Oregon and being spoiled with the best effort to reward ratio hikes on earth. But I doubt it. This one was a beast. Suffice it to say it was hard. Real hard. It was crazy steep the whole way. And just when you think you are about to DIE at the half way point, it gets much steeper. But by then we had gone to far to turn back. Luckily it was lush and green and gorgeous.
Then just to mock us it started to snow at the top. We were minutes away from the ocean and it was snowing. Seriously? Ridiculous.
But on the upside the view was truly stunning from the top. I was so bitter about how hard this hike was that I was expecting the view to suck and be no where near worth it. The pictures do not do it justice.
We survived! But only barely. My legs protested for days afterwards. This sucker is being added to my list of hikes that I am glad (sort of) that I did once but will NEVER do again. Top of the heap on that list? Mt. Olympus. Lamest hike ever. Sorry Wasatch fronters. It really is.
As usual we love getting outside and hiking. Man oh man do we love Oregon.

Next up...adventures from Canada. Mar and Lar arrive tonight and then the fun begins.

Friday, June 17, 2011

One year and One week

I am feeling good today. It must be because the sun is out. Summer is really holding out on us in Portland. So a sunny Friday means I am suddenly feeling a cough coming on...I mean chances are the sun won't be back for another week or two, and I am not taking any chances.This morning as I dropped Tyler off at school I passed the big white tents and tables being set up for the dental school graduation. I had a rush of two very different emotions. One, I WISH that was us! And, only ONE year left?? I don't think I am ready for that. It is a strange combination of being so ready to start our lives and be done with studentdom that I could scream, while at the same time knowing I am going to miss this phase of our lives and all of the wonderful people that are a part of it. But ready or not I know it will be here before we know it. I know we will be both cheering and gritting our teeth for what is ahead.
One week from today we head off on a much needed vacation. We are going to Whistler, BC and I cannot wait. I am making daily sacrifices to the Sun Gods. I really really need a sunny mountain experience. And some pool time. We are also hoping for a peaceful riot free stop in Vancouver. But either way, I know it is going to be a beautiful and exciting trip.
Here is to looking forward to one week and one year from today.