Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We went shopping!

Fun! And we even spent money! We often shop around or look at things that we will one day want to buy. But normally we do not buy. But someday soon Tyler will not be a student anymore and he will have a real job where he has to dress like a grown up, so we took a little Friday trip to the outlets with the intention of looking around and grabbing one or two things if we saw anything. That turned into a full blown shopping spree. I think we were both giddy with spending. I have not had so much fun in who knows how long. I think I like buying clothes for Ty more than myself. And don't even let him try and tell you he didn't have the time of his life. We had a fabulous night shopping and buying. And the really awesome part? Tyler looks real good in grown up clothes.
Some of our haul.
Then, naturally, we had to have a fashion show. Tyler really missed his calling in life. He was born to model.
This is what all the models in the store look like. They are VERY happy to be wearing these awesome clothes.
My personal favorite - the killer profile.
I was looking really good too, so I got in on the action.
But seriously - he looks good. Right?
We are so excited to start this next chapter of our lives and leave school and studentdom behind. He is going to make one hot dentist.
And since it is Valentines Day, it seems appropriate to publicly say just how much I love this husband of mine. He is better than I deserve and going to make the most amazing father. I cannot wait to watch my daughter fall madly in love with her dad. I feel so lucky to spend my life with someone as loving, kind, fun, brilliant, adventurous and hilarious.
Happy Valentines Ty, I love you.


I'm A. said...

Yes. Yes that does look fun. I love shopping spree days. Especially since they happen about ONCE a year. He looks very handsome and professional. Yay Ty!

Tara said...

I love all his clothes! Looking good! Can't wait til we do this with my Tyler. It will be nice, one day soon, to see them in real clothes every day!

Lizzie Jones said...

Love this. You look adorable. So does Mr. Tyler. Great Scott(s)!

Danielle said...

What a successful shopping trip!! Great job! What a good sport Tyler is!